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FOSO | Micromarkets

A micromarket is a self checkout retail food establishment that enables the customer to select products from an open rack display and or chiller and pay in one single transaction.

It is a modern day alternative to banks of vending machines which improves the customers shopping experience and gives total flexibility and efficiency of product selection and payment options.

The customer can pay by all cashless methods or cash as machines are fitted with a note reader and accept coins.

A proven system giving employees a solution that suits modern day Grab n Go requirements, available 24/7.

Our Food Range

We make and bake fresh every day. We bake our own bread, and make all our own sandwiches, baguettes, wraps, pies, pastries in our Bakery. We make pasta and salad pots daily for a healthy offering. We have a Heat and Eat range of bacon rolls, pastries, pizza and burgers.

We source local ingredients wherever possible using Marriages Flour to make our own bread and cakes. We supply a large range of cold drinks including fruit juices and waters.

We grind our own coffee beans that dispenses Bean to Cup, with other options of leaf tea, and hot chocolates. There is also an option to add toppings and syrups, to make your drink extra special.

We produce our own range of chocolate bars, under the Harris & James label, which are specifically made for vending. These bars are high in cocoa and lower in sugar.

We do a full range of healthy crisps and snacks, and all brand leaders.

All our cakes are baked in house daily. We also make our own chocolate bars that contain up to 30% less sugar than branded. We also supply all top brands of confectionery, porridge pots and healthy bars.

FOSO Self-Managed Solution

We offer a bespoke solution to each customer, as we understand one size does not fit all. We work with our customers and constantly review needs in an ever changing environment.

The Micromarket can include all or some of the range:

  • Chilled Open Display Cabinet
  • Ambient Open Display Cabinet
  • Hot Drinks Machine
  • Still & Sparkling Water Dispenser

Once we have agreed on the Micromarket display units required to suit your business we carry out a site survey and installation.

Our own experienced merchandiser will visit the site daily to replenish and rotate the stock, clean and check the equipment.

The machines are emptied of cash once a week. Our merchandisers soon begin to learn what the employees like and will review the stock accordingly. This is a no hassle solution, with happy employees.

Technical Support & Advice

We employ our own service engineers, that work in a small local area. These engineers have several years experience and keep our machines in good working order.

Our touch screen machines are capable of graphics, messages, promotion specials etc. These can be uploaded and amended once a month.

Our merchandiser call every day, so any issues, or requests can be relayed directly, and your Account Manager will always be there to help.