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Harris & James Bean 2 Cup

We offer the latest technology in vending machines that dispense our very own roasted coffee. The machines are touch screen where the consumer is given on screen instructions and takes them through the hot drinks menus. Offering everything from cup size, to strength and adding toppings and syrups.

Once the customer is happy that they have their preferred bespoke drink, this can be saved to an App on their mobile device, and hey presto next time they want to order they just use the App.

The choice of hot drinks available are customer driven, and we will work with you to work out what is best for your employees.

All machines have multi-pay options from contactless to Apple Pay or good old fashioned cash.

New in 2017 – Harris & James Chocolate Bars

We have installed our own manufacturing line and bar wrapping machine at our factory in Beccles. Having trialled our bars in 2016 made to our own unique recipe, we have gone into full production now in 2017.

We sell retail bars in our Café in Beccles, and have developed a specific size especially for vending available as a milk or dark chocolate bar.

As our bars are made from 90% cocoa they are really divine, with very little sugar content compared to most High Street brands. A Healthy Suffolk chocolate that tastes fantastic a real treat for an employee having a stressful day.

‘Harris & James chocolate bars have won a Bronze Award in 2017 in the milk chocolate bean to bar from the Academy of Chocolate.
I am sure you are not surprised!!!!’

Find out about the 2017 Academy of Chocolate Awards.